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Project details layout


  • Hanady started the conversation

    I have a page where I added a portfolio object. And in Projects section, I have added some projects. I have the below questions:

    1. I need to know where do I choose the project details layout. In other words, in the theme we have several layouts such as: http://bomby.webtm.ru/project/noodle-bar/ and http://bomby.webtm.ru/project/denim-pavilion/. I need to use the denim pavilion layout when the user clicks on any project. How can I do that?
    2. In project details, several images related to the project are displayed. Where can I add these images? I only added the featured images, but couldn't figure out where to add all project images?

    Thank you

  • Hanady replied

    It has been a week since I posted my question. Any answer on this?