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Some problems with Bomby theme


  • Agenzia Paganelli started the conversation


    we have some issues with BOMBY theme, as follow:

    1. We have some problem to align left the testimonials element (with the image left in the bottom) as you can see in the page https://www.agenziapaganelli.it/web-marketing/

    2. Is it possible in the team element to delete (or maybe hide) the social icon shown in the rollover?

    3. We aren't able to find the contact us page in "Pages" from Wordpress Admin panel. What are we doing wrong?

    Thank you Roberto

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    TVDA replied


    Sorry for delay. Holidays.

    1. Use Testimonial style 'Centered Text'.

    2. Open tab Social Icons (element 'Team Member') and remove all links.

    3. I think you accidentally deleted link from menu. Page 'Contact Us' on your website: https://www.agenziapaganelli.it/contact-us/

    Thank you for great 5 star rating for our theme on ThemeForest. We really appreciate it.