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500 Error Message


  • Brianne Geiger started the conversation

    Whenever I go to Appearance > Customize OR to edit a page (like the home page) I get this error. 

    I found this online: 

    • If you are getting the 500 error on the front end and the back end admin area, then you will need to access your site via an FTP client. A little known trick is to change the name of your /wp-content/plugins folder to something else temporarily like “plugins.bak.” This will make WordPress ignore your plugins. Then check to see if this resolves the problem. If it does, log into your admin section and then change your plugin.bak folder back to plugins . Then deactivate all of your plugins via your admin page.

    I have completed that a couple of times and it has not fixed the problem.

    I have also deleted the entire theme and reinstalled it, still hasn't fixed this issue.

    I have also increased the PHP configuration, still hasn't fixed this issue.

    I have deleted demo pages that I will not be using to free up space, still hasn't fixed the issue. 

    Website is: www.HerHashtagLife.com

    Please advise.  

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  • Brianne Geiger replied

    I don't believe you guys are working on this theme or supporting any further. How do I go about getting a refund?

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    TVDA replied

    Sorry for waiting
    Do standard themes are working?
    If not that means that problems with your server not themes
    But I haven't this problems on Appearance->Customize on main page

    Thank you for great 5 star rating for our theme on ThemeForest. We really appreciate it.