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Call to Action widget/add-on


  • Tomaseena started the conversation

    1. I'm trying to use the Call to Action widget, twice in the row. Both have a white background. When I decrease the screen width, the right side begins to cover the left side, presumably because of the white background. Why doesn't it just break? Or is there some place that I can adjust the break point?

    2. On the call to action on the left side, where it says "Work" , the word keeps breaking when I decreased the size of the screen. To the point that it looked like this the attached picture. When I added a new tag in the css at the bottom of the page to eliminate the word-break, it fixed the issue, but i'm wondering why it breaks at all.

    3. How do I remove the gradient in the navigation area? Also reference the attached picture.

    4. WPBakery Visual Composer plugin needs to be updated. But when I click to do the updates I get the following error: "Update Failed: Update package not available."

    Attached files:  Screenshot 2018-01-25 14.16.30.png

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    TVDA replied

    Hello, i can't fix problem with widget, you need to write into developers of widget or VC if it standard. As i see there is default VC styles used in that area. We only can fix our styles/scripts error. As i see you remove gradient from title wrapper area? About new version of plugin - we work for update of theme, and we provide new version of plugins via new version of theme asap. 

    Thank you for great 5 star rating for our theme on ThemeForest. We really appreciate it.