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Changing menu style


  • jason bushby started the conversation


    Im having a hard time changing the menu type on the "one page" type page which was called "home creative agency" in the demo content.

    The current menu is the hamburger style menu and i would like to change it to a across the top of page, drop down menu.

    I have attached some screenshots.  

    So far i have tried changing the menu settings in the 

    Appearance > widget > menus

    Appearance  > menus

     but both dont seam to do anything??

    thanks in advance


    Attached files:  how i would like menu to look.png
      Current menu - hamburger style.png

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    TVDA replied

    Hi, sorry for waiting

    You can customize menu on theme options in header settings

    Thank you for great 5 star rating for our theme on ThemeForest. We really appreciate it.