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  • Natalia Sander started the conversation

    Where can I edit the Search page and the search results page? Cannot find them anywhere and "edit page" is not shown. 

    I mainly want to change the language to German, as the whole site should be german and  make the header in a dark version. Words like "Search", "You searched for...", "If you are not happy with the results", "Page", "Older results" should be in German. 

    Also the header should not be white in that case. 

    Thank you for the help. 

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  • Natalia Sander replied

    Guys , you say you offer support in 24h – but this thread is open for days. Please reply on all my tickets (3 open ones!) today otherwise I'll have to leave a bad rating as you don't offer what you promise to your customers. I cannot publish our new website because of the bugs I talked about 1) no responsive image resizing of Titel Wrapper 2) No possibility to change wording of the search page 3) No dotted overlay in blog. 

    Thanks in advance. 

  •   Natalia Sander replied privately
  • michael replied

    Hallo Natalie,

    scheinbar haben die Jungs keine Lust mehr auf Support? Hast Du schon eine Rückmeldung erhalten?

    Beste Grüße


  • Natalia Sander replied

    Hallo Michael, 

    nope, nichts bisher. Habe schon fast alles intern regeln können, außer dass ich Bilder nicht responsiv verkleinern kann, das ist ihr Fehler im Theme. Nun ja. :D

  •   TVDA replied privately
  • Natalia Sander replied

    In your theme there was no way to translate the words "Search" etc. into another one. Now I solved it, as I anyways have the WPML Plugin. Thanks. 

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    TVDA replied

    Well problem is solved? You have some another questions?

    Thank you for great 5 star rating for our theme on ThemeForest. We really appreciate it.

  • Natalia Sander replied

    Yes, the other two tickets from me which are still not answered. 

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    Thank you for great 5 star rating for our theme on ThemeForest. We really appreciate it.