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  • Natalia Sander started the conversation

    I've activated the title wrapper on my "home" page but when I change into mobile version the picture is not resized but simple cut in the middle, also the text is not resized. Is there a way to make the title wrapper responsive, too? The option "responsive layout" is chosen already. 

    Thanks for your help! 

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    TVDA replied

    Hello, please provide login/password and url for your site and we fix it fast.

    Thank you for great 5 star rating for our theme on ThemeForest. We really appreciate it.

  • Natalia Sander replied

    So is this a specific bug I have? Right now the website is only on our servers and can be accessed from our office only. Is there any other way to solve this? I can download the whole website e.g. and send it to you? 

  • Natalia Sander replied

    Guys , you say you offer support in 24h – but this thread is open for days. Please reply on all my tickets (3 open ones!) today otherwise I'll have to leave a bad rating as you don't offer what you promise to your customers. I cannot publish our new website because of the bugs I talked about 1) no responsive image resizing of Titel Wrapper 2) No possibility to change wording of the search page 3) No dotted overlay in blog. 

    Thanks in advance.