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Written on the cover image


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    Stefano Patriarca started the conversation

    Hi guys, I've opened a ticket yesterday to ask about the copyright. I don't know if I have to open a new ticket every time I need help or if I could post my problem even in a recently ticket. 

    Now, as you can see from the attachment, on my cover image of every single pages (if you visit the website you could understand better) appear the written of the title and also an arrow to show the scroll. I want to remove the written, is it possible? What I have to do?

    Thanks for the support, have a good day!


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    TVDA replied

    Hi, better to open new ticket, like you did.

    Try to paste this code to Theme options > Custom CSS/JS > CSS code

    .title-wrapper__title {
      display: none;

    Thank you for great 5 star rating for our theme on ThemeForest. We really appreciate it.

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    Stefano Patriarca replied

    Great! It works! Thank you guys, you're amazing as always!